Qualifications: B.sc in Geography Honours, M.sc (Geography), B.Ed, NET &           
                  SET Qualified.
Designation: Part Time Lecturer (Department of Geography)

Teaching and research interest: Remote Sensing & GIS, Geography of                 
                                                  Tourism, Climatology, Social Geography

Presentation: Paper on "Potentiality of Sustainable tourism in Mousuni Island,         
                West Bengal" at the International Seminar on "Global                         
                    Environmental Challenges: Environment, Society and                         
                  Development in the Anthropocene" organised by Dept. of                   
                 Geography, Women's Christian College, Kolkata.

Workshops attended: 1. Online Course on "Essentials of QGISfor Teachers           
                                and Research Scholars" conducted by CAD centre,               
                              Jadavpur University.
                                      2. "15 days faculty development program on R and               
                                QGIS" organised by Prabhu Jagatbandhu College in               
                            association with IIT Bombay.
                                      3. "5 days workshop on QGIS and GNSS" organised by       
                                Dept of Geography, Gokhale Memorial Girls’ College.
                                      4. "7 days online GIS Training program using QGIS               
                              Software" organised by Dept of Geography, Nagar                 
                              College, Murshidabad.
                                     5.One day International Webinar on "Climate Change             
                              and Urban Environment: Patterns, Externalities and               
                              Mitigation" organised by Dept. of Geography, Women's         
                                Christian College, Kolkata.