• Established in 1947.
  • Four Full-Time Faculty Members.
  • Regular organization of Inter-College/Intra-College Students’ Seminar, Special Lectures to give an edge to Classroom Teaching.
  • Audio-Visual Teaching Aid
  • Well-equipped Departmental Library
  • A number of prizes offered to students on merit basis.

The Department of History, Women’s Christian College, was established in 1947, two years after the inception of the college in 1945. It was initially entrusted with the responsibility of preparing students for the B.A. Pass Course Examination under the University of Calcutta, to which the college is affiliated. The department was at first manned by Sm Sudhira Nag, later helped by two other faculty members. In the year 1981, with sanction from the Government of West Bengal, and approval from the University of Calcutta, the History Department opened its Honours Course in addition to the General course as already offered. Conforming to the ideals of the parent institution, the Department of History, from the very beginning, has made dedicated efforts to promote women’s education and now a new horizon opened.

Smt Jyotsna Biswas was the Head of the Department in 1981 and with her vision, dedication and courage, the department was in able hands. Smt Sathi Roy was the other faculty member. Smt Jhuma Chakraborty and Smt Joyshree Ghosh joined the department in 1981 and 1982 respectively in the two new posts that were now sanctioned. Under the able guidance of Smt Jyotsna Biswas, the faculty was determined to achieve a brighter future for its students and at the same time attain academic excellence. After the superannuation of Smt Jyotsna Biswas and Smt Sathi Roy, Smt Chandrima Mondal and Smt Nabanita Mitra have joined the department further adding to its strength.

In the year 2007, Women’s Christian College was assessed and accredited by NAAC. The Department of History duly participated in the process and made successful presentation in front of the NAAC Peer Team. Since then, the department has made honest efforts to implement the recommendations of the NAAC team within the infrastructure of its parent institution.

Faculty Directory


Dr. Chandrima Mondal

Associate Professor
M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D.

Sm. Nabanita Mitra

Head of Department
M.A. , Ph. D. (Pursuing)


Sm. Pramiti Chatterjee

Assistant Professor
M.A., M.Phil., Ph. D. (Pursuing)

Dr. Anwesha Roy

Assistant Professor
M.A., Ph.D


Departmental Activities

Inter-College Students’ Seminar: Since 2006 till date. Participating members are the students of Womens’ Christian College, Kolkata and Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur.

Students of 1st Year Honours have presented papers at the National Seminar held At Loreto College,Kolkata, September 2008 on Cross-Cultural Currents: India and the Ancient World.

“Juger Bibartane Nari” – Intra-College Inter-Disciplinary Students’ Seminar organized on 5th March, 2012

Paper presentations by students both inside and outside the college evoke considerable attention and appreciation.


• Dr. Tapti Roy on “History Writing In 19th Century India”, August,2007.

• Dr. Kaushik Bandopadhyay on “Indian Cricket Teams’ Pakistan Goodwill Tour of 2004”, September,2008.

• Dr.Uma Chakraborty on “Ancient Indian Art- A Formal Analysis” and ex-student of the History department Sm Maumita Naskar on” Importance of study of Archeology” on 23/03/2010.

• Summer Workshop organized by the Department of History on “The Study of History and Career Orientation”, 12/05/2011.

• Inter-Disciplinary Seminar Organized by the Departments of English and History on “Convergence and Divergence: Inter-Relating Literature & History with Music and Media”held at Women’s Christian College on 16/04/2010.

• Inter-Disciplinary Seminar Organized by History and English Department on “Entering the Globe: Rabindranath and the Poet’s Journey towards Eternity.”, held at Women’s Christian college on 18/04/2011.

• Educational Tours organized regularly to places historical interests/Exhibitions of historic importance.

Student’s Profile


Students of the History Department engage themselves seriously in academic pursuits. A number of students gained admission to Post-Graduate Courses under different universities in West Bengal. The rate of progression is above 90%.

Placement Record of the Past Students and Contribution of the Department to Aid Student Placements

The Department is proud to present the following alumni who are meaningfully employed


The Department of History has tried to nurture the values ingrained by the founders of Women’s Christian College. Open to new ideas and developments, the history department of this college, endeavors to overcome difficulties and create a dream for the students of this department beyond mundane classroom teaching. Progress of women’s education consequently leading to empowerment of women is the prime motto of the faculty members. In order to attain this goal, the department plans to make class room teaching more meaningful in the coming years.

Participation of students in departmental seminars, inter-college seminars and group discussions help them overcome their initial limitations and prepare them for the outside world. Students of this department are encouraged for higher studies and research. They are also familiarized with the prospects of future jobs. For this purpose workshops have been arranged and the department has plans to organize such workshops on a regular basis, involving the participation of experts, who can guide the students in right direction.  Such interactions can be increased in future. A computer with Internet facility for specific use of the department has been provided by the college. Number of such computers has to be increased to make the students more Internet friendly within the department.

The Department also plans to aid student placement by collaboration with sister institutions. Creating a permanent fund for the financially backward students, to aid their higher studies even after they leave their parent institution is seriously intended.

The introduction of some short-term self-financed History-allied subjects like Travel & Tourism may benefit the students of this department and at the same time can earn revenue for this college. The faculty members while taking part in all the activities of the parent institution and meeting out all the responsibilities entrusted by the Calcutta University, to which the college is affiliated, in an untiring effort, try to achieve the optimal for the students and would endeavor to do the same in future. We are trying to give our students a voice of their own so that they can make a place for themselves in the society at large.