The Department of Philosophy commenced its journey with the very inception of the college in the year 1945under the tutelage of two dedicated teachers Subinita Chowdhury and Sushil Kumar Lahiri..Honours course in Philosophy was introduced in 1981.Since then it has been relentlessly striving for all-round development of its students.

Luminaries like Prof. Tapan Roy Chowdhury, Emeritus Professor of Oxford University and Professor Amlan Dutta, Ex-Vice Chancellor, ViswaBharati University were among others who visited the department and delivered their scholarly lectures on various occasions.


Faculty Directory


Dr. Mitashree Chakraborty

Associate Professor
M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.

Smt. Sarbani Ganguly

Associate Professor & HOD
M.A, M.Phil.


Sikha Mukherjee

Associate Professor
M.A., M.Phil.

Dr. Urmi Ray

Assistant Professor
M.A., Ph.D.


Departmental Activities

Apart from the conventional class-room teaching, the department regularly organizes various programmes with a view to enhancing academic standards of the students and inculcating social values in them. Some of them are:
Special Lectures
Student Seminars / Panel Discussions
Project Work
Parent-Teacher Meeting
Co-curricular Activities
Educational Excursions
Social Community Service


  • The Department of Philosophy, Muralidhar Girls’ College in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy, Women’s Christian College organized a UGC Sponsored State Level Seminar on “Ethics in Epics” on 4 February,2016
  • The department of Philosophy in collaboration with the department of Philosophy, Jogomaya Devi College organized a seminar entitled “Religious Pluralism in India: Curse or Boon” on 19 Nov. 2015.It was sponsored by the West Bengal State Council of Higher Education.

Special Lecture

  • Dr Subir Ranjan Bhattacharya ex-Professor of Department of Philosophy, C.U spoke on the Ethical, Epistemological and Metaphysical aspects of Death on  6.12.17
  • Dr Ranjana Ray, Professor Emeritus, formerly of Deparment of Anthropology, Calcutta Universitydelivered a special lecture entitled “An overview of the authors of Rig Veda , the Fountain head of Hindu Philosophy on 16 September,2016.Mr. Tarun Kumar Goswami, City Editor, The Statesman, delivered a lecture entitled “Vivekananda and the Youth of Today” on 7.12.2012


  • Dr. Chandrima Banerjee had been called upon by Philosophy Department  to impart Philosophical Meditation to conquer Exam Fear on 23.3.18 .

Faculty Exchange Programme

  • Dr Mitashree Chakroborty of Women’s Christian College and Prof Shukla Chakroborty of Muralidhar Girls’ College delivered lectures to the students of the departments of Philosophy in Muralidhar Girls’ college and Women’s Christian College respectively under Faculty Exchange Programme in the month of August, 2016.

Micro Teaching

  • Students of IIIYear Hons. taught the students of I and II Years on 16.12.2016 on Nyaya Philosophy.

Student Seminar

  • Students of Philosophy Department had conducted a seminar on Carvaka Philosophy on  13.5.2017.
  • Through Ages Students of the departments of History, Sanskrit and Philosophy presented papers at the seminar entitled Women on 05.03.2012.


  • An Inter college quiz was held between the Department of Philosophy, Women’s Christian College and MaruliDhar Girls’ College on 27.11.2017

Educational Excursion

  • The Department of Philosophy had conducted an educational excursion to Bandel Church, Imambara and Hanseshwari temple on 17.3.2017.
  • The Department of Philosophy had conducted an educational excursion to Town Hall,Jora Shako and Vivekananda’s ancestral house on 21.3.2014.
    The Department arranged an Educational Excursion to Athpur in collaboration with the Department of English on 09.02. 2012.


  • Students of the department can access to the resources available in the Seminar Library which has an enriched collection of text books and reference books as well.


  • The department publishes its own journal entitled “Disha”contributed by students, faculty members and renowned academicians.
  • Students regularly put up Wall magazine named “Prayash” where they articulate their views on different philosophical issues.


  • Final results of the Department of Philosophy, under the University of Calcutta, are consistently good over the years.. After doing Bachelor’s degree with honours in the subject most of them pursue higher studies. Some students opt for services, some of them prepare themselves for competitive examinations.