Under this format a faculty member addresses his/her peers and students on an aspect of his/her area of specialization thereby opening up the range of discourses available to students and staff alike.

In 2013-14 under Convener Dr. DipanwitaChakraborty three Interdisciplinary lectures were organized.


Dr. Manisha Deb Sarkar
Former Head and Associate Professor
Dept of Geography
Geography spoke on ‘Resource Utilization and Tribal Life in Muhammadbazar’.
Dr. Pramila Bhattacharyya
Former Head and Associate Professor
Dept of Bengali
spoke on ‘SmaraniyaSaradindu’
Dr. Tumpa Mukherjee
In Charge
Dept of Sociology
spoke on ‘New Legal Provisions related to Violence against Women in India’.
Smt Nabanita Mitra
Assistant Professor
Department of History
presented a paper on ‘‘JatrapatherAnandagaan: AjgubiJantarThekeSanskritikGanamadhyame Kolkata BetarerUttaran,’ on 13th May, 2016.