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Author: Womens Christian College


EXAM-SCHEDULE-2NDYR Practical Examination Details 25/04/2019  POL.SC.+ EDUCATION+ECONOMICS+SANSKRIT  11:30AM 26/04/2019  GEOGRAPHY+ PHILOSOPHY  11:30AM BENGALI  1:30PM 27/04/2019  ENGLISH  11:30AM 30/04/2019  SOCIOLOGY + HISTORY  11:30AM GENERAL + GEO. GENERAL 1:30PM   Oral Examination Details 23/04/2019 GENERAL 11:30AM 23/04/2019 GEOGRAPHY(H) 12:30PM 23/04/2019 PHILOSOPHY(H) 2:30PM 23/04/2019 HISTORY(H) 2:30PM 23/04/2019 BENGALI(H) 3:15PM 23/04/2019 GEO.GENERAL 3:15PM 24/04/2019 ENGLISH(H) 11:30AM 24/04/2019 POL. SC. (H) 1:30PM 24/04/2019 ECONOMICS(H) 1:30PM 24/04/2019 EDUCATION(H) 2:15PM 24/04/2019 SOCIOLOGY(H) 3:15PM  ...

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Master Training cum Awareness Programme on Free and Open Source Software

NOTICE          19.02.2019 Women’s Christian College  (Nodal Centre) is organizing a Master Training cum Awareness Programme  on Free and Open Source Software : Utility, Relevance and Future to be conducted by Mr. Farid Uddin Masud, Outreach Officer, West Bengal, Spoken Tutorial, IIT Bombay in collaboration with our Computer Education Centre on the 22nd February, 2019 from 1 PM to 3 PM in the college...

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