Composition of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Dr. RatnaPande. Management Representatives.
Dr. Shipra De. Faculty Member.
Dr. Nibedita Raha. Faculty Member.
Smt Sikha Mukherjee. Faculty Member.
Sri Kushal Biswas. Faculty Member.
Dr. Sudeshna Biswas. Faculty Member.
Smt Sonali Bose. Faculty Member.
Smt Sanchita Gupta. Faculty Member.
Smt Nabanita Mitra. Faculty Member
Professor Hari Vasudevan. External Expert.
Branch Manager, State Bank of India, Kalighat Branch. Community Representative.
Smt Sikha Roy. Alumnae member.
Dr. JayitaMukhopadhyaya. IQAC Coordinator.
Dr. Ajanta Paul. Chairperson.


The IQAC holds regular meeting to guide and facilitate academic and administrative activities and takes initiatives in pursuance of NAAC process.