M.Sc.(Economics) M.B.A.(Marketing), Ph.D
Assistant Professor (Economics)

Teaching & Research Interest:

Subjects taught:
Macroeconomics :Theory and Policy;
Indian Economy
Indian Economic History
Banking And Finance

Research Interests:
Empirical Aspects of Industrial Organisation
Indian Economy and the Policy Aspects.

A paper titled , “Indian Industry -A Seven Decade Journey and the Road Ahead” published in the international peer reviewed Colombo Business Journal,Volume12 (01) ,June 2021 issue.

A paper titled “ Economic Wisdom in India and West in the Ancient era and thereafter” published in the peer reviewed journal Anvesak, brought out by Sardar Patel Institute of Economic and Social Research, Volume 50(1) ,
January-June 2020 issue.

A paper titled FII, Capital Account Convertibility and the Road ahead for Indian Economy, published in the journal, Management Accountant Volume 53(1),January 2018 brought out by the Institute of Cost and Works Accountant.

An Article titled “ Subsidies and the Indian Economy” published in Business Economics , March 31, 2013.

An Article titled “ Budget 2012-13” published in Business Economics in 2012.

A paper titled “ Competition, Marketing Strategies and Corporate Social Responsibility” published in the journal Management Accountant Volume 46(4), April, 2011.

An Article titled “ Food Inflation : Impact on Indian Economy ” published in Business Economics , July 15, 2010.

An Article titled “ Globalised Crisis ” published in The Stateman on 28 th December, 2008.

Presentation on Marketing Communication at Educational Multimedia Research Centre, (EMMRC) , St,Xaviers College ,Kolkata as part of U.G.C.’s countrywide classroom programme.

Presentation of Online Lectures on Economics as part of the Post-Graduate Management Programme of National Institute of Personal Management (NIPM).

Other Professional Engagements:
Been a Visiting Faculty for the Post Graduate Management Programme of
Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM)