Dr. Mausumi Kar
M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. in Economics
Associate Professor, Department of Economics
mausumi2606 @yahoo. co. in

Teaching & Research Interest:

  • International Trade
  • Micro Economics
  • Industrial Organisation
  • Textile Industry
  • Labour Market
  • International Policies


  • Books
  1. South Asia and Climate Change: Unravelling the Conundrum (Forthcoming), Eds. Mausumi Kar, Jayita Mukhopadhyay and Manisha Deb Sarkar, Routledge, UK
  2. South Asian Economic Integration and India: Some Emerging Issues (Forthcoming), Routledge, UK
  3. Indian Textile and Clothing Industry : An Economic Analysis (2015), Springer, India, UK (ISBN: 978-81-322-2369-6); E-Book ((ISBN 978-81-322-2370-6)
  • Peer Reviewed Journals and Working Papers (Recent First)
    1. “The Impact of Immigration on Skills, Innovation and Wages: Education Matters More than Where People Come from” ( Forthcoming), (with G. Das and S. Marjit), Journal of Policy Modeling, (Impact Factor 1.41), Elsevier.
    2. “Skill, Innovation and Wage Inequality: Can Immigrants be the Trump Card?” (2019), (with G. Das and S. Marjit) CESifo Working Paper Series 7794, CESifo Group Munich.
    3. “Economic Integration and Trade Protection: Policy Issues for South- Asian Countries” (2018), Contemporary Economic Policy, Wiley, Vol. 36, Issue 1, pp.167-182. (ISSN: 1465-7287; Impact Factor – 0.905)
    4. “Multi-Fibre Arrangement and Wage Inequality: Firm and State-level Evidence from India and a Theoretical Model” (2017), (With S. Kar), The World Economy, Wiley, Vol.40, Issue 7, pp.1473-93. (ISSN: 1467-9701; Impact Factor 1.229)
    5. “Liberalised Trade Policy and Inequality: Evidence from Post-MFA India and Some Theoretical Issues” (2015), (With S.Kar) Working Paper no. 007, UNU-WIDER Working Paper Series. January.
    6. “Indian Textile and Clothing Industry in the Post-MFA World: A Stronger Tiger with Fewer Nails” (2014), The Management Accountant, Volume 49, No.4, April. (ISSN 0972-3528)
    7. “Modhyoprachhye Sontraasbader Punoruthhan – Ekti Arthonoitik Poryalochona” (2014), article published in Arthabishleshon (A Biannual Bengali Peer-Reviewed Journal in Economics), Vol.2, Issue 2. (ISSN 2321-1903)
    8. “Changes in the Structural Features of the Indian Cotton- Apparel Industry: A Review” (2013), Arthabishleshon (A Biannual Bengali Peer-Reviewed Journal in Economics), Vol.1, Issue 1. (ISSN 2321-1903)
    9. “National and Global Aspects of India’s Textiles and Apparel Industry and Trade: An Overview” (2012), South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Finance, Sage, Vol.1, Issue 1. (ISSN 2277-9787)
    10. “Tax System in Ancient India – An Analytical Review from the Modern Perspective” (2009), (With D.Chakraborty) Journal of Asiatic Society, Vol.LI, No.3. (ISSN 0368-3308)
    11. Chapters in Books

    12. Economic Integration and Trade” (2017) in C. Roy (Ed.): International Trade and Inclusive Development, New Academic Publishers, New Delhi,(ISBN: 978-81-86772-92-8)
    13. “Multi-market Firms and Export Quota: Effects of Withdrawal of the Multi-Fiber Arrangement” (2015), (With S.Kar) in V. Mukherjee et. al. (Eds.): Understanding Development: An Indian Perspective on Legal and Economic Policy, Springer, New Delhi. (ISBN – 978-81-322-2454-9)
    14. “The Multi Fibre Arrangement and South Asia”(2011),(With S.Kar) in S. Mansoob Murshed et al. (Eds.) South-South Globalization:
      Challenges and Opportunities for Development,Routledge,London(ISBN 978-0-415- 59217-8)
    • PAPER PRESENTATION(Recent First):
    1. Paper presented on “ Service Trade and Manufacturing Labour Productivity in India: State Level Evidences”, in the Research Retreat Seminar of CTRPFP, organized on 3rd February, 2018 held at Mukutmanipur, West Bengal.
    2. Presented Paper on “ A Global Move Towards Freer Trade: A Comprehensive Study of the Impact on Indian Industry and Labour Market Scenario” in the 20th Conference of Eurasian Business and Economic Society (EBES) held during 28-30 September, 2016 at Vienna, Austria.
    3. Paper Accepted for presentation at the 2016 Annual Conference of the Scottish Economic Society held on 18-20 April, 2016 at Perth, Scotland. The title of the paper is “ SAFTA: An Alternative Policy of Protection and Augmentation of South- Asia’s Trade”.
    4. Presented Paper on ‘Economic Integration and Trade’ in the UGC sponsored National Level Seminar on International Trade and Inclusive Development: Emerging Issues and Enlarging Debates organized by Dept. of Economics, Kaliyagunj College on 21- 22 January, 2016.
    5. Presented Paper in 12th International Conference organized by Western Economic Association International held at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore during 7 -10 January, 2016. The title of the paper is ‘Economic Integration and Trade: Revisiting India’s Sectoral Performance’.
    6. Presented Paper on “Implications of Liberalized Trade Policy on Labour Income:Evidence from Post-MFA India and Some Theoretical Issues” in the Fourth IIFT Conference (International ) on Empirical Issues in International Trade and Finance organized by Indian Institute in Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi on December 18-19, 2014.
    7. Paper accepted for presentation in 11th Annual TEPP Conference on “ Territories, Spaces and Public Policies” organized by the Nantes- Atlantique’s Laboratory of Economics and Management held at the University of Nantes, France on 25-26 September 2014. The title of the paper is “Trade Policy and Regional Disparity: Evidence from Post-MFA India and a Theoretical Model”.
    8. Presented Paper in UNU- WIDER Conference on “ Inequality – Measurement, Trends, Impacts and Policies” held on 5-6 September, 2014 at Helsinki, Finland. The title of the paper is “Liberalized Trade Policy and Inequality: Evidence from Post-MFA India and Some Theoretical Issues”.
    9. Paper accepted for presentation in Nordic Conference on Development Economics’ organized by United Nations University (UNU) and World Institute of Development Economics Research (WIDER) held on June, 2014 at Helsinki, Finland.
    10. Presented a paper on ‘Trade Policy and the Labour Market: Evidence from Post-MFA India’ in the UGC-sponsored Seminar on ‘Contemporary Issues on Development Economics’ organized by Department of Economics, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata during March 11-12, 2014.
    11. Presented a paper on ‘Tax System in Ancient India: A Modern Perspective’ in the Research-Retreat Seminar on Public Policies organized by the Centre for Research in Public Finance and Policies (CTRPFP) held on March 1-2, 2014 at Itachuna, Burdwan.
    12. Presented a paper on ‘International Competitiveness of Textile and Apparel Exports of India in the Changing Global Context’ in an International Conference on ‘Empirical Issues in International Trade and Finance’ organized jointly by Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) and The Centre for WTO Studies on December 23-24, 2008 at Kolkata.
    • Other Professional Expertise:
    1. Editorial Advisory Board Member of Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK.
    2. Associate Editor (Member of the Editorial Board) of the Bi- Annual Journal of Economics in Bengali, ‘ARTHABISHLESHON’ (Enlisted and Approved by UGC).
    3. Joint Secretary of the Society for Economic Research in Bengali (SERB).
    4. Acted as the Judge in the Annual Economics Summits “CONFLUENCE” organized by the Department of Economics, St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, in the last five consecutive years.
    5. Acted as Judge in the Annual Students’ Meet, ‘ECOLORE’ organized by the Department of Economics, Loreto College, Kolkata, in last four consecutive years.
    6. Judge in the events of paper presentation in the Annual Students’ Meet, ‘ECOLORE’ organized by the Department of Economics, Loreto College, Kolkata, in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
    7. Chair person in Technical Session in the International Economics and Finance Conference, FINECON, 2019, organized by IMI, Kolkata.
    • Experience in Post Graduate Teaching:
    1. Visiting Faculty for the Post-Graduate course with specialization in International Trade and Finance at Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, India (2009-2011).
    2. Guest Faculty for the Post-Graduate course with specialization in International Trade Theory at University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India (Continuing)


    Associated with the following prestigious Journals and Publishing Houses as a Peer Reviewer –

    1. Oxford University Press
    2. Springer
    3. Sage Publications
    4. Routledge
    5. International Trade Journal (Published by Taylor and Francis Group)
    6. Journal of Quantitative Economics (Published by Springer)

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