Associate Professor


Teaching & Research Interest

Teaching: English Honours, English General, Compulsory English and Alternative English courses of Calcutta University

Areas of Teaching: History of Literature (Restoration and Augustan periods), Philology

Drama: Sheridan

Poetry: Pope, Arnold, Hopkins, Dylan Thomas

Fiction: British and American

Area of specialization

American literature

Research interest

American literature

Literature-musicology interface


Netaji Subhash Open University Study Material BDP, EEG Module 1 Unit 1 and Module 2 Unit 3 . 2015


Spirit Voices: Christian Myth, Multiculturalism and Music in America – an illustrated talk at a seminar organized by Jadavpur University Society for American Studies, Feb 17, 2016

Special Lecture (as part of the Centenary Lecture series) on Pope’s The Rape of the Lock to students of the Dept of English, Asutosh College on Oct 6, 2015

Paper titled ‘Metamorpoesis’: Edgar Allan Poe’s Verse becomes Lyric. Presented at 13th International MELOW Conference, Feb 21-23, 2014

Presentation on The Poetry and Music of the Harlem Renaissance, at the Dept of English, West Bengal State University Aug 20, 2013

We, They and US of A: Here and There through Music – an illustrated talk at the JUSAS Annual Seminar, Feb 22, 2013