Institutional Distinctiveness

Capacity building for Faculty, Non Teaching Staff and Students


  • To improve their academic qualifications and careers they are given leave to pursue PhDs, seminars, conferences etc; leave and remuneration to attend FDPs; CCL to nurture children at home.
  • Administrative support to teachers involved in curricular development, seminar organization, content creation, co curricular and outreach initiatives, and question paper setting, evaluation and moderation.

Non Teaching Staff:

  • They are given leave to attend administrative training in government centres and other institutions.
  • They are provided with hands-on training by accounting, HRMS, cyber crime prevention and e-pension experts.
  • They are sensitized in student interaction through soft skills and gender equality programmes organized by the IQAC.
  • Their computer skills are sought to be honed through ICT workshops.

Library Staff given training in Koha software.


  • Students are sought to be holistically developed through specially designed Add On and Certificate Courses.
  • The Computer Certificate Course seeks to empower them with digital proficiency.
  • The 'Entry in Point' Competitive Examination Portal equips them with an edge in preparation for the same.
  • A Civil Services Study Centre (free) provides aspirants with expert tutelage including study materials.
  • Self Defence, through martial arts training is imparted to students against a minimal fee.
  • Students are encouraged to represent the college and affiliating university in national fora.
  • They are sensitized in environmental, legal, gender, cultural, heritage and inclusive studies through programmes organized by the respective cells.