Our Future Plan

To introduce Bachelor of Commerce Program

2. To introduce subjects such as Psychology at undergraduate level

3. To upgrade the course Journalism and Mass Communication from General to Honours Course.

4. To start an interdisciplinary journal in the Social Sciences.

5. To organise more professional /skill based courses for teaching and non-teaching staff

6. To inspire our faculty members to enrol in MOOCs and other online/digital teaching-learning platforms

7. To initiate more collaborations  with other istitutions through MoUs, Academic Linkages and Collaborations.

8. Departments to introduce Add On Courses on the Application ofScientifidc Methodology in GeographyCriminology, Women's Studies, Spoken Sanskrit, Yoga, Art Education and Service Learning.

9. To achieve a fully automated library, acquire more digital resources, creating a new Reading Room and increasing footfall.

10. To introduce Soft Skill Courses such as professional and interview grooming courses, public speaking sessions, CV writing courses

11. To increase enrolment of physically challenged students, purchasing Braille books for them, building additional ramps for them and installing tactile signages as well

12. To introduce regular psychological counselling sessions

13. To enrol students from hitherto marginalised, neglected aspect of society and provide them with full/half freeships

14, To adopt more environmental initiatives by increasing the overall green space in our campus by introducing vertical gardens and collaborating with government organs/agencies in E-Waste Management Systems.

15. To revive our Incubation Centre - Sucharuthrough capacity building and skilling enterprises.