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Women’s Christian College, Kolkata has been steadily forging ahead since its inception in July 1945, adapting to the changes in the world around it but invariably retaining its core values of service, integrity, discipline and decency. Operating under the aegis of the Bengal Christian Council, Women’s Christian College is a Grant-in-aid college affiliated to the University of Calcutta and aided by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi.

It has grown from modest beginnings consisting of a few rooms and students on rented premises in to a bustling institution with three buildings encompassing a chapel, a hostel, a computer training centre, a central library, a seminar hall and an audio-visual room among other facilities.

Constant innovation is the watchword of this noble institution of pre-independence times. At Women’s Christian College we strive to attain on outlook that is an ideal mix of tradition and modernity, discipline and freedom that is essential for the holistic development of our students. The college seeks not only to form and inform but also transform the students by attempting to work a wondrous alchemy of change and purification in young minds.

Since its acquisition of the NAAC-Reaccreditation(Grade-A)in 2013 Women’s Christian College has been looking to further enhance the quality and scope of its educational initiatives and to increase and improve its infrastructural facilities. Acknowledging the close relationship between habit and habitat the college tries to provide a clean, refreshing and intellectually stimulating environment in which young women from diverse backgrounds may interact and develop into well-informed, socially-aware, mature and responsible citizens of a vibrant republic.

In an institution where the guiding motto is ‘By love serve one another’ the qualities of love and service preeminently enshrined in the notion of Christian nurture naturally gain precedence over other values. If however, work is ‘love made visible’ as was believed by Kahlil Gibran there is no denying the fact that there is an abundance of the former in Women’s Christian College inspired by love for and commitment to the power of knowledge and scholarship.

Highly motivated and qualified faculty members constantly seek to upgrade their teaching methods in order to enlarge the mental horizons of their students even as the office and ministerial staff try to provide an atmosphere of efficiency and cordiality conducive to the process of learning.

Complementing the academic activities are co-curricular pursuits such as debates, quizzes and cultural programs which help the students to unfurl the petals of their creativity and blossom into well-rounded personalities. Extension activities such as excursions, both centrally organized and departmental, along with humanitarian outreach programs teach students to accommodate viewpoints other than their own. Aware of the practical ends of education the college organizes career-counseling and placement-assistance programs for students in collaboration with well-known companies in order to equip them for the wide world awaiting them.