Women's Christian College Kolkata

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NAAC Reaccredited 'A Grade' College

Welcome to Women's Christian College

Women’s Christian College is an undergraduate college for women in south Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It has been rated as a Grade A college by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, an autonomous organization that evaluates post-secondary academic institutions in India. It operates under the aegis of the Bengal Christian Council, an autonomous interdenominational Christian body, that draws from the best practices of rival Christian denominations in administering educational institutions in West Bengal. In legal terms, it is a Grant-in-Aid college that is affiliated to the University of Calcutta and is aided by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi. Ii is a modern, ICT-enabled educational institution with wi-fi facilities, smart classrooms equipped with audio-visual technological aids, fully automated libraries, and a highly supportive staff.

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Women's Christian College

Message from Principal's Desk

Women's Christian College, Kolkata is, like most institutions of higher learning a physical environment geared to meet the academic and other needs of its students even as it is a time-zone, a chapter, or a phase in their life as they necessarily pass through its portals before encountering the larger world beyond its walls.

In this capacity the college is a sort of luminous threshold, a transforming transit-point or a nurturing incubation camp during which the student gradually matures through her exposure to different kinds of knowledge and experiences as her faculties are honed, and she learns to spread her wings.

Thus, our students who usually come to us as diffident fledglings acquire, over the course of the three years or so that they spend with us, new ideas, values, attitudes and most notably a spirit of enquiry as they learn to exert their critical intelligence before they leave their alma mater to take their place in the larger society of which they are a part, and which they help to shape.

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