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The Department of Geography is one of the oldest departments of the college. It is a practical based department with both Honours and General courses to offer. It is a complete department with four highly qualified permanent full-time faculty members, one Laboratory Instructor and one Laboratory Attendant. It is one of the departments with a high student enrolment, commendable success rate in University examinations, a considerable progression to higher education and vocational placements. Many of them have qualified UGC-NET and are well placed in academic field.

The Department organises annual excursions and day-long trips for Honours and General students, departmental students’ seminars, workshops and special invited lectures. Periodic assessment of students is done regularly by conducting class tests. The Faculty members offer special guidance to both strong and weak learners and regular informal counselling. The students of the department are also associated with the various activities of the different cells of the college like the Eco Club, NSS and Women’s Study Cell units. The students of the Department are associated with the publication of the departmental magazine called “Bhugoliyo” and also the annual Wall Magazine. Parent-Teacher meetings are held annually to interact with the parents and to inform them about their wards’ progress.

The Department of Geography is well-equipped with classrooms with audiovisual back-up, a Laboratory with tracing facilities and a full-fledged GIS Laboratory with adequate number of computers and printers. The departmental assets include a rich collection of necessary maps, rock specimens, instruments for surveying and an adequate number of aerial photographs, satellite imageries as well as other equipment. Of special mention is the Departmental Seminar Library with a rich collection of Text as well as Reference books for students to consult.

The students of the Department are also enrolled for an optional six month certificate course on QGIS conducted by Webel-Opsis Ltd. as part of the departmental endeavour for future placement and career counselling for the students of the Department. Ex and present student interactions are also organised for the academic and career benefits of the outgoing students.

The strength of the Department lies in a healthy Teacher-student relationship, dedicated faculty and a spirit of cooperation among the staff members (both Teaching and Non-teaching) and the students.

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  • Students’ Seminar to observe Earth Day on 22.04.2912.
  • Field Trip to Rajpur, South Twenty Parganas, 26th.-29th. September, 2011.
  • Parent-Teacher Meeting


  • Departmental Seminar on “Universe from Different Length Scales” by Sanmoy Ganguly on 2nd. August, 2012.
  • Field Trip (Hons.) to Vishakhapatnam and Field Trip (General) to Santiniketan.
  • Workshop on “Soil Profile” by Prof. Pannalal Das on 15th. March, 2013.
  • Parent-Teacher meeting on 14th. February, 2013.


  • Workshop on “Hazard Mapping” by Prof. Partha Basu on 24th.February, 2014.
  • Parent-Teacher meeting on 24th.February, 2014.
  • Field Trip to Santiniketan.


  • Departmental Students’ Seminar on “Contemporary Issues in Geography” on 6th. January,2015.
  • Parent-Teacher meeting on 5th. February, 2015.
  • Field Trip to Murshidabad


  • U.G.C. Sponsored One Day National Seminar on “Water : A Threatened Social Resource of the Century” with financial assistance from Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of West Bengal and in collaboration with Institute for Environmental Studies and Wetland Management, Dept. of Environment, Govt. of West Bengal on 9th. October, 2015.
  • Certificate Course on Q GIS by Webel-Opsis Ltd. since 6th. October, 2015.
  • Parent-Teacher meeting on 22nd. January, 2016.
  • Field Trip to Santiniketan.

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