M.Sc., PG Diploma, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Teaching & Research Interest

  1. Environmental Geography.
  2. Political Geography
  3. Social Geography


Articles in Journals-

  1. “Green Politics” for ‘The Observer’, Volume 49, July, 2011 (ISSN 2230-9535)
  2. ““Instances of Boundary Dispute and Mapping: Dilemma for Indian Authorities” for ‘The Observer’, Volume 50, July, 2012 (ISSN 2230-9535)
  3. “Tolly’s Nala: Present and Future” for Indian Journal of Landscape Systems and Ecological Studies’, Volume 35, No.1, June 2012 (ISSN 0971-4170)
  4. “Genetically Modified Crops in India: A Saga of Aspirations and Apprehensions” for ‘The Observer’, Volume 51, July, 2013 (ISSN 2230-9535)
  5. “Status of Primary Rural Education: An Overview of Bankura and Birbhum Districts, West Bengal” for ‘International Research Journal of Social Sciences’, Vol.4 (2), February, 2015 (ISSN 2319-3565)
  6. “Role of Women Elected Representatives in Local Area Development: A Case Study of Kolkata Municipal Corporation” for ‘International Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Studies’, Vol. 2(6), June, 2015 (ISSN 2394-6288 [Print], ISSN 2394-6296 [Online])
  7. “Delineating the Developmental Role of Women Elected Representatives:  In Kolkata Municipal Corporation Area” for ‘Researchers World’, Vol. VI 3(2), July, 2015 (ISSN 2231-4172)
  8. “Resilient in the Eye of the Storm” for ‘The Observer’, Volume 52, July, 2015 (ISSN 2230-9535)

Chapters in Books 

  1. “Development, Displacement, Dispossession: Tribal Victims” published in  ‘The Rite of Wrongs: Human Rights in India’, 2013 (ISBN 978-93-80761-33-6)
  2. “Status of Rural Education: Case Studies of Bankura and Birbhum Districts” published in ‘Issues on Rural Livelihood in India’, 2015 (ISBN 978-93-82623-12-0)
  3. “Changing Pattern of Livelihood under the Implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act: A Case Study of Purulia District” published in ‘Man-Nature Interface’, March, 2016 (ISBN 978-93-82433-68-2)

Papers in Conference Proceedings

  1. “Tolly-r Nalar Kramabibortan” published in 26th edition of ‘Itihas Anusandhan’ published by Paschimbanga  Itihas Samsad, 2012 (ISBN 978-81-0910874-2-0)
  2. ‘Wetland, Wastewater and Wealth: A Unique Case of East Kolkata Wetlands’ published in Seminar Proceedings organized by Bangkok International Conference on Biological Engineering & Natural Science, Higher Education Forum, 2013 (ISBN 978-986-88450-4-6)
  3. “Purba Kolkata Jalabhumi- Ek Byatikromi Bastutantra” published in 27th edition of ‘Itihas Anusandhan’ published by Paschimbanga  Itihas Samsad, 2013 (ISBN 978-81-0910874-3-7)
  4. “Alienation and Restoration of Tribal Forest Rights: An Overview” published in ‘Perspective Asia Pacific’- Sixth Biennial International Conference Proceedings of Indian Association for Asian Pacific Studies, 2014 (ISBN 978-93-80336-95-4)


  1. “Tolly’s Nala-A Clogged Artery: An Analytical Study” in Applied Geography: Issues and Techniques, Department of Geography, University of Calcutta, 14-15th January, 2011 – National Seminar
  2. Tolly-r Nala-r Kromobibortan” in Annual Conference, 27th Session of Itihas Samsad, 24-26th January 2011- Regional Seminar
  3. “Status of Rural Health: A Case-Study of South Bengal” in Technology, Energy and Sustainable Rural Environment Department of Geography, Banaras Hindu University, 23-25th February, 2011- International Seminar
  4. “Waste to Wealth: A Unique Case of Pisciculture” in Natural Resource Management Department of Geography, University of Calcutta, 10-11th March, 2011- National Seminar
  5. “Air Pollution Scenario in Kolkata: An Overview” in Geographical Appraisal of the City of Joy’s Environmental Well-being Department of Geography, Sarsuna College in collaboration with K.M.C. and CADC, 17-18th January, 2012 – Regional Seminar
  6. Purba Kolkata Jalabhumi: Ek Byatikrami Bastutantra” Annual Conference, 28th Session Itihas Samsad, 23-26th January 2012- Regional Seminar
  7. “Development, Displacement, Dispossession: Tribal Victims” in Human Rights Education Women’s Christian College, 25th February, 2012- National Seminar
  8. “Dispossessed and Displaced: Certain Tribal Issues” Dimensions of Development and Resource Conservation Department of Geography, University of Calcutta, 10-12th March 2012 – International Seminar
  9. “Wetland Fisheries vis-a-vis Development” in Recent Researches in Earth System Science Department of Geography and Geology, Asutosh College in collaboration with GMMSI and GSI, 10 -11th February, 2012- National Seminar
  10. “Status of Rural Education Issues” in Rural livelihood in IndiaDepartment of Geography, Gour Mahavidyalaya, Mangalbari, Malda, West Bengal, The University of Gour Banga, 8-9th September 2012- National Seminar
  11. “Alienation and Restoration of Tribal Forest Rights: An Overview” in Dimensions of South Asian Studies Indian Association for Asian Pacific Studies, Department of South and South-east Asia, University of Calcutta, Kolkata 17-19th December,2012- International Seminar
  12. “Wetland, Wastewater and Wealth: A Unique Case of East Kolkata Wetlands” Biological Engineering and Natural Science Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand 25-27th January, 2013- International Seminar
  13. “Analytical study of Local Area Development Through Elected Representatives in Borough X, Kolkata Municipal Corporation” in 35th Indian Geographers’ Meet and International Conference Institute of Indian Geographers, University of Burdwan, Burdwan 11-13th November, 2013- National Seminar
  14. “MNREGA: Changing Dynamics of Livelihood, A Study of Purulia District” in Research Frontiers in Man-Nature Interface Department of Geography, Visva Bharati, 1st-2nd March 2014- National Seminar
  15. “Development and Displacement: Tribal Concerns” in Development and Environmental Transformation Department of Geography, University of Calcutta, 28-29th March 2014- National Seminar
  16. “Environmental Politics of Climate Change” in Climate, Society and Sustainability Department of Geography, University of Calcutta, 25-26th April 2014- National Seminar
  17. “Route Canal: Intriguing Case of Kolkata” in Environmental Perspectives and Resource Management Institute of Landscape, Ecology and Ekistics, Kolkata, 19-20th, December, 2014- International Seminar
  18. “Canal Network of Kolkata: Boon or Bane” in Hazard, Development and Social Conflict Department of Geography, University of Calcutta, 27-28th March, 2015- National Seminar
  19. “Canal Network: Boon or Bane for Kolkata” in Water: A Threatened Social Resource of the Century Department of Geography, Women’s Christian College, 9th October, 2015- National Seminar
  20. “Challenges and Dilemmas in E-waste Management: Scenario of Kolkata City” in Man-Environment Interrelations: Issues, Challenges and Remedies Department of Geography, Bankura Christian College, 2-3rd December, 2015- National Seminar
  21. “Evolving Urban Housing and Emergence of a Divided City: Instances in Kolkata” in Urbanisation and Regional Sustainability Regional Science Association, India and Department of Geography, University of Calcutta, 28-30th January, 2016- International Seminar
  22. “Social Mobility and Caste Politics: The Matua Factor in West Bengal” in Geography of Habitat Foundation of Practising Geographers, 26-27th February, 2016- National Seminar
  23. “Evolving Urban Housing and Emergence of a Divided City: Cases in Kolkata” in Contemporary Research in Geography Department of Geography, Bhairab Ganguly College, 5-6th March, 2016- National Seminar
  24. “Commercial Assistance for ‘Aging in Comfort’: Slices of Reality – City of Kolkata, India” in Shaping Our Harmonious World 33rd International Geographical Congress in Beijing, China, 21-25th August, 2016- International Seminar
  25. “Leadership and Political Participation: Role of Women in Kolkata Municipal Corporation Area” in Women Empowerment : A Third World Perspective Department of Geography, Sivanath Sastri College, Kolkata, 5th September, 2016- National Seminar
  26. “Vehicular Growth and Increasing Air Pollution: An Overview of Kolkata City” in Land use Planning and Management Institute of Landscape, Ecology and Ekistics, Kolkata, 28-29th September, 2016 – National Seminar
  27. “India-Mongolia Relations: Implications for Regional Cooperation” in Exploring Eurasia: Traditions and Prospects Department of History, Women’s Christian College, Kolkata, 11th November, 2016- National Seminar
  28. “Nature of Peoples’ Forest Management in West Bengal: Gendered Perspective” in Environment and Sustainability: A Geographical Perspective Department of Geography, Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis Mahabidyalaya, Kolkata, 18-19th November, 2016- National Seminar