Teaching & Research Interest

European Literary Modernism
American Literary Modernism
British Short Fiction Theory
American Short Fiction Theory
Biblical Reflections in American Literature
American Diasporic Literature
Modern Indian Writing in English

Publications (Books)

A Journey Eternal: Poems and Plays, Salesian College Publications, Siliguri, 2013, ISBN 978-93-82216-05-06.

Edited The Rite Of Wrongs: Human Rights in India, Avenel Press, Kolkata, 2013, ISBN 978-93-80761-33-6.

Edited and introduced the Philip Weller Macbeth published by Orient BlackSwan, Hyderabad, India, 2014, ISBN 978 81 250 04493 2.

Revised and annotated Vrinda Nabar edited Paradise Lost (Books I & II) by John Milton published by Orient BlackSwan, Hyderabad, India. ISBN 978 81 250 4032 3, 2011.

Revised and annotated C.T. Thomas edited Lycidas by John Milton published by Orient BlackSwan , Hyderabad, India.ISBN 078 81 250 4027 9, 2010.

Modern British Short Fiction: Critical Interpretations, Presto Publishers, Kolkata, India. July 2008.


Publications (ISBN 978-93-88332-62-0)


Publications :

Selected Papers & Articles

  • Society and the Gothic American Short Story in Jusas Online, November, 2014.
  • “A Kaleidoscope at my eye…” – Indian Society and Culture in Mark Twain’s Following the Equator. Published in the Pradip Basu edited Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences of Scottish Church College, 2010, Number 7, Kolkata. ISBN 0973 – 8738
  • W.E.B Du Bois- “The contradiction of double aims” – the Janus Syndrome in Pradip Basu edited the Avenel Companion to Modern Social Theorists, Avenel Press, Kolkata, 2011, ISBN 978 93 80761 14 5
  • he Many Worlds of Katherine Mansfield :The Poetics of Proximity and Polarity in ‘Prelude’ and ‘At the Bay’ in Sobha Chattopadhyaya edited The Many Worlds of Twentieth Century Literature published by The Department of English, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, 2008 ISBN 81 7175 x 107
  • Biblical Resonances in Hemingway’s Short Fiction: Moving Testaments to his Art.
    Published in The Ernest Hemingway Companion ed. S. Mandal, Sarat Book Distributors, Kolkata, 2002, ISBN 81 87169 17 6
  • The Problematics of Peregrination in Hemingway’s Short Fiction, Published in Hemingway Centennial Tribute by the Departmental of English of Rabindra Bharati University, Vol. v, 1998-99.
  • ‘Kamala Das’ “An Introduction”: A Renewable Site of Linguistic and Sexual Politics’ in
    Café Dissensus Everyday, 21/07/2020.


  • “The Eden and the Promised Land Myths in American Fiction” in Essays on American Literature and Art – Multiple Perspectives ed. Indrani Haldar and Parantap Chakraborty, Birutjatio Sahitya Sammiloni, Bolpur, West Bengal. 2019, ISBN 978-81-939765-2-4.

Invited Virtual Lectures:

  • “Protest and Confession in Twentieth Century American Poetry: Langston Hughes and Sylvia Plath” on 31/07/2020 on Cisco Webex platform organized by Vivekananda College for Women, Kolkata.
  • “The Poetry of Paradox or the Paradox of Poetry? Emily Dickinson the Enigmatic Poet” through Streamyard on Facebook organized by Sadhan Chandra Mahavidyalaya on 16/08/2020.


  • Web Talk on African American Protest Poetry organized by Jogomaya Devi College on 03/09/2020.
  • “A Historical Overview of American Literature” for the e-lecture series on American Literature organized by K.K. Das College, Kolkata on 18/09/2020.

  • ‘“Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea: Text and Subtexts”’ organized by Sri Shikshayatan College on 25/09/2020.

Presentations (Selected)

March 2017: The Modern British Short Story: A Brief History and Characteristics, Special Lecture of the English Department of Sri Shikshayatan College, Kolkata

February 2017: The Shifting Other: Re-thinking Categories in American Fiction in the 20th Anniversary Seminar of Jadavpur University Society for American Studies (JUSAS).

2016: Eden and the Promised Land Myth in American Fiction in Annual Seminar of JUSAS.


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