Qualifications -MPhil, MSc. , NET in Environmental Science


Department of Environmental Studies

Teaching & Research interest:

  1. Wastewater Treatment
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Microbiology


1. Nayna Datta, Anupam Deb Sarkar,Joydeep Mukherjee. “Utilization of Waste Blood For Preparation of Blood Meal And Soil Conditioner-A Solution To Slaughter House Waste Problem. “People Technology Congress, 2009, p315-3203.


1. D. Datta, N. Dey sarkar, A. Deb Sarkar,A. Bandopadhyay “Adsorptive Removal of Phenol Utilizing Fly Ash.”Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India), vol89, 2008, p-10

2. Tirtha Bannerjee,Nayna Datta, Anupam Deb Sarkar, Joydeep Mukherjee, Shibnath Chakrabarty& Amitava Gangopadhya. “Cleaner Production Strategies For Small Scale Rural slaughter houses-A Case Study.”Integrated Water And Wastewater Management, 2008, NCIWWM\34\11\12.

3. S. Sarkar,M.armugam, A.Mitra, A. Pramanik, N. Datta and J.Mukherjee. “Microbial Ecology& Bioeechnology in the Sundarbans.”Life &Work of Sir J.C.Bose In The Perspective of Modern Science &Technology”, 2009, p44

Other Professional Expertise

1. Teaching Experience- Worked as a part time faculty of Dinabandhu Andrews Institute of Technology & anagement (Affiliated to West Bengal University of Technology) in the subject of ‘Environment & Ecology’ for BCA 4 th semester course.

2. Instrument handled: UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, pH meter, Centrifuge, Conductivity meter, Turbidity meter, DO meter. Kel Plus for soil analysis.

3. Project handled:

a) Associated in an environmental related Herbal project work in Chemical Engineering Department of Jadavpur University for 8 months.

b) Associated with the project entitled -“Environmental Management & Action Plans under DFID supported KUSP program for 40ULBS” for 2 months in Scientific research laboratory.

c) Associated with a in-house project of ‘Solid Waste management’ (As National Environment Awareness campaign programme, 2006) in Jadavpur University campus.

d) Project handled as JRF: Completed two year tenure of Junior research fellow at School of Environmental studies in Jadavpur University. Title- “Evaluation of Efficacy of Utilizing Abattoir Waste as Soil Conditioner for plantation of some Specific Plants- A Feasible Waste Minimization Option for Abattoir Waste”.

e) M.Phil project Title- “Adsorptive phenol removal from synthetic waste water utilizing fly ash”.

f) M.Sc. project-Title- “Study on the characterization and treatibility of the waste water of a textile industry by chemical methods”.

Details of Seminar/Workshop/Events Attended:

1. Seminar on “Conservation of Environment with special reference to Sundarbans” organized by I DREAM in collaboration with Asutosh college held at Asutosh college, Kolkata-700026 on29th November,2003.

2. The all India seminar on “Water of Wastewater Management” held on 26 th August, 2006 at Institute of chemical engineers, Jadavpur University campus, Kol-32.

3. Seminar on the occasion of World Environmental Day at Jadavpur University on June 5 th , 2008.

4. Workshop on “Remote Sensing –Theory & Applications” under the auspices of”Teqip- networking programme” held at Amitava Dey Memorial hall of Jadavpur University 4 th – 6 th January,2007

5. University on 24 th JUNE, 2008. 5.Workshop on”E- waste Manaqgement from Indian Perspective “ organized jointly by FOSET, Jadavpur Sub Centre and Depatrtment of civil Engineering , Jadavpur University in collaboration with West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation Limited (WEBEL)at K.P. Basu Memorial Hall Jadavpur .

6. Workshop on Unite to Combat climate change organized jointly by National Institute of Teachers’ Training and Research, kolkata Ministry of government of India at NTTTR,Salt lake on 4 th June,2009.

7. National Conference on Integrated Water and wastewater management heldon20th-22 nd November,2008 at Dr. Triguna Sen Auditorium, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India.

8. Seminar on the occasion of World Environmental Day at Jadavpur University on 5 th June,2009.

9. National Conference on” Life and works of Sir J.C Bose in the perspective of Modern Science and Technology” organized by Faculty Council of Science, Jadavpur University, Kolkata held on March 20-21,2009.

10. One day seminar on “Cybercrime in the 21 st century in India”, organized by Department of Sociology in Women Christian college in collaboration with centre for cyber victim counseling held in Kolkata on 28 th November, 2014.

11. One day seminar on “Challenges of education in India in the 21 st century”, organized by Department of Education in Women Christian College in collaboration with all India association for educational research held in Kolkata on 9 th March, 2015.

12. One day seminar on “ Water: A threatened social resource of the century” organized by department of Geography in Women’s College in collaboration with Institute of Environmental Studies and Wetland Management, Department of Environment, Govt. of West Bengal held in Kolkata on 9 th October,2015.

13. One day seminar on “Exploring Eurasia: Traditions and Prospects” organized by Department of History in Women’s Christian College held in Kolkata on 11th November, 2016.

14. One day seminar on Women violence and Rights organized by Women’s Study Cell, Women’s Christian College sponsored by United board of Christian Higher Education in Asia held on 10 th March, 2017.

15. One day International Symposium on Perspectives in Environmental Health: From Emergence to Emancipation” held in Deshbandhu College for Girls, Kolkata on 17 th December, 2019.

16. One day International webinar on climate change and Urbon Environment: Patterns Externalities and Mitigation” organized by Department of Geography, Women’s Christian College, Kolkata, India held on 11 th September,2020.

17. One day seminar on Gandhian Liberalism, organized the Department of History, in collaboration with IQAC, Women’s Christian College, Kolkata on 16 th October 2020.

18. One day webinar on ‘Women’s in History' organized by the Department of History & Team IQAC, Women’s Christian College Kolkata in collaboration with Netaji Institute for Asian Studies held on 12 th December, 2020.