M.A, M.Phil.

Assistant  Professor

127 Harish Mukherjee Road,


Teaching & Research Interest

Papers Taught in Honours Classes: Paper1 Rajavahanacharitam,Kavyalamkarasutravritti.

Paper-II Chandomanjari.

Paper-III Sahityadarpana,chapter-VI,History of Scientific and Technical Literature in Sanskrit.

Paper-V ,Vedic Texts, Arthashastra of Kautilya.

Paper-VIII General Aquaintance with the Indian Philosophical Sysmems.

Papers  taught in General Classes: Paper-I,Chandomanjari,Sukonashopadesh.

Paper-II  Raghuvamsha

PaperIII  Manusamhita Chapter-VII

Paper-IV Mahabharata,Udyogaparvan,Chapter-33

Research Interest: Warfare in Ancient India.


A Brief Study and Application of  Vyuha in the light of Royal Adminstration’was published the journal named ‘Ancient Indian Polity management and administration.’Edited by Prof.Didhiti Biswas,Department of Sanskrit,University of Calcutta.

 Yuddha Yatray Nandonikata:Ramayan o Mahabharater Aloke was published in the Research journal ANVIKSHA of the Department of Sanskrit,Ramaranjan Mukherjee commemoration, vol-XXXII,edited by Prof.Rita Chattopadhyay.

Hindi Bhajan:Tradition and Innovation was published in a book ‘PRAJNANACHANDRIKA’  edited by Dr.Tapan Shankar Bhattacharya,Published from Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar,Kolkata.

Tara- A source of Inspiration –UGC sponsored National Seminar on- Pancha-Kanya INDIA’S IDEAL  OF PERFECT WOMENHOOD IN SANSKRIT LITERATURE: EQUALLY  RELEVENT IN MODERN DAYS,  in collaboration with Department of Sanskrit, Jadavpur University organized by:Department of Sanskrit, Dhruba Chand Halder College.



Invitation  of  deliver  lecture -Prachin Bharate Yuddher Vichitra Mukh ,organized byDepartment of Sanskrit,Serampore College.

Special lecture-‘Service to man is Service to God’,organized by N.S.S unit of W.C.C and sponsored by Calcutta University.